How Long Is The Crown Tundra And How Long To Beat?

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Pokemon will be releasing the second expansion pack of the Sword and Shield series in just a few hours!

The Isle of Armor was an okay adventure in the eyes of Pokemon fans, but there is still a lot of room to improve.


With the recent trailer for The Crown Tundra, we believe this DLC will be the best yet!

However, how will players be expected to grind out this Pokemon adventure before they hit the credit scenes? 

Let's take a look!

Isle of Armor

This is where most critics of the Isle of Armor point to when talking about the first DLC's flaws.


Due to the fact that the game was rather short, players did not feel it was worth the money. noted that the main story of the Isle of Armor averaged around 5 and a half hours to complete, with every side mission going to around 10 hours of gameplay.

Compared this to the main story of Sword and Shield which is usually around 30-50 hours depending on how fast you are playing.

So, players are fully expecting Nintendo to learn from their mistakes and increase the playtime of the Crown Tundra.



As of now, we do know any specific time into how long the Crown Tundra is.

We can assume it will be the same as the Isle of Armor, but we hope Nintendo has added some more main story content.

Hopefully, the main story will take around 7-10 hours with everything else totaling to 15-20 hours!


We will have to wait and see for when the game releases later today.