How To Change Weather In Pokemon The Crown Tundra

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The Crown Tundra is releasing on Nintendo Switch consoles all over the world this week.

This will also be the final adventure Sword and Shield players will be taking apart of, so we hope it is the best one yet.


One aspect that was introduced in the Isle of Armor was climate-dependent wild Pokemon.

Meaning some Pokemon would only appear during a specific period in the day, or depending on the weather.

Here's what we know/how to do it in the Crown Tundra.


If you're wondering why you'd want to change the weather in the game, it's because the Pokemon available in the Wild Area will change depending on the climate.


In the base game, you can adjust the date on your console to affect the weather, with the first day of each month changing to a specific weather pattern.

In the Crown Tundra, things are slightly different because the weather is based on the fifteenth day of each month.

In your console's settings menu, head into the System and then Date and Time. Turn off internet synchronization for the clock, and then adjust to the following:

  • Jan 15 - Fog
  • Feb 15 - Overcast
  • March 15 - Clear
  • April 15 - Rain
  • May 15 - Sun
  • June 15 - Rain
  • July 15 - Thunder
  • Aug 15 - Thunder
  • Sept 15 - Clear
  • Oct 15 - Fog
  • Nov 15 - Clear
  • Dec 15 - Sun

We do not know as of now which Pokemon will appear depending on the time and day, but we will now shortly!