Pokemon Sword and Shield: Champion Cup Elite 4 Guide for The Qualifier Battles of The Pokemon League

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The Elite 4 in Pokemon Sword and Shield is far from what most trainers expect going into the stadium.

Unlike previous Pokemon titles, where trainers would battle four of the toughest trainers in the entire region all back to back, this time around it is structured a bit different.

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Set up like the tournament format we have seen in the Pokemon anime, players will have to battle against some qualifier trainers before they can get their hands on the Elite 4. We'll take you through these two initial battles and the trainers you are going to have to defeat. 



One of your former rivals the reason why Team Yell exists is the first trainer that you will go toe to toe against. Her team is vastly different than last time you battled her, but remember her primary Pokemon typing is Dark-type. She will Dynamx her final Pokemon Grimmsnarl.


  • Liepard, level 47, dark
  • Scrafty, level 47, dark/fighting
  • Toxicroak, level 47, poison/fighting
  • Morpeko, level 48, electric/dark
  • Grimmsnarl, level 49, fairy/dark

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Your primary rival throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield is the final challenger that you will have to face before you head into the Pokemon League. Throughout the game Hop goes trough a fury of Pokemon teams, aiming to find the perfect combination in hopes to beat you. His final Pokemon and the one he will Dynamax is the same one that he has been using all game and will depend on what starter Pokemon you choose. 


  • Dubwool, level 48, normal
  • Snorlax, level 48, normal
  • Corviknight, level 48, flying/steel
  • Pincurchin, level 47, electric
  • Rillaboom/Inteleon/Cinderace, level 49, grass/water/fire

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Written ByNick Farrell@NCF7_