Pokemon Sword and Shield: Champion Cup Elite 4 Guide for The Bracket Stage Battles of The Pokemon League

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The Elite 4 in Pokemon Sword and Shield is far from what most trainers expected, going into the stadium.

Unlike previous Pokemon titles, where trainers would battle four of the toughest trainers in the entire region all back to back, this time around it is structured a bit different.


After you battle the qualifier battles you will then move onto the bracket stage of the Pokemon League.

This is where you will go up against the gym leaders from the Galar Region and a surprise appearance from one of your former rivals.

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The surprise appearance during the Pokemon League, you old rival was once banished from the Gym Challenge and was sent to train with the Fairy-Type Leader Opal. And it comes as no surprise that Bede has a stacked Fairy-Type team and will Dynamax their Hatterene.


  • Mawile, level 51, fairy/steel
  • Gardevoir, level 51, fairy/psychic
  • Rapidash, level 52, fairy
  • Hatterene, level 53, fairy/psychic

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Nessa - Water Type Leader

You may remember Nessa as the second gym leader that you encountered during your initial progression through the Galar Region, her team has expanded and she will Dynamax her Drednaw much like the gym battle.

  • Golisopod, level 51, water/bug
  • Pelipper, level 51, water/flying
  • Seaking, level 52, water
  • Barraskewda, level 52, water
  • Drednaw, level 53, water/rock

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Bea & Allister 

The semi-finals of the Pokemon League will pit you against one of Bea or Allister, it will depend on the version of the game you are playing. Of course, they will Dynamax their last Pokemon. 



  • Hawlucha, level 52, fighting/flying
  • Falinks, level 53, fighting
  • Grapploct, level 52, fighting
  • Sirfetch’d, level 52, fighting
  • Machamp, level 54, fighting



  • Dusknoir, level 52, ghost
  • Chandelure, level 52, ghost/fire
  • Cursola, level 53, ghost
  • Polteageist, level 53, ghost
  • Gengar, level 54, ghost/poison

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The final Pokemon battle of the bracket stage is none other than the Dragon-Type leader Raihan. Proclaimed as the rival to the champion Leon, Raihan's team is one of the toughest to battle in the game and will Dynamax his famous steel/dragon type Duraludon.


  • Torkoal, level 53, fire
  • Goodra, level 54, dragon
  • Turtonator, level 54, fire/dragon
  • Flygon, level 54, dragon/ground
  • Duraludon, level 55, steel/dragon

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Written ByNick Farrell@NCF7_