Pokemon Shield: Fourth Gym Guide for Ghost Type Leader Allister

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The fourth gym leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be different depending on what game you purchase; Sword owners will be able to battle Bea the fighting-type leader. Shield owners will be battling it out with the ghost-type leader Allister.

Allister is the first gym leader outside of the beginning league of gym leaders and is the first one that poses a true threat to trainers. So here's our guide on how to topple her!

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Counters For Allister

Allister uses ghost-type Pokemon which are some of the weirdest Pokemon to counter in the game. By weird we mean there are only two typings that counter against it: ghost and dark types.

You may not have a ghost type Pokemon bu there is a chance some of your Pokemon know some dark type moves as they have become increasingly more common as of late. Here are some Pokemon that will be a solid option for you against Allister.

  • Duskull - A ghost type Pokemon introduced in generation three that can be found in Motostoke Riverbank in the Wild Area.
  • Sneasel - A dark/ice type that can be found in the Wild Area on your way to Hammerlocke town when it is snowing out. 

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Gym Challenge

Allister's gym challenge is essentially an obstacle course, players need to climb in these rotateable carts and maneuver around certain checkpoints in order to complete one of the three stages. Players can rotate the carts with their right stick and it is tricky to get the handle off at first, but once you do it is a breeze to get around. 


Each time you complete a stage you will then have to battle a trainer, totaling three of them for this gym challenge. 

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Now onto battling Bea, by far the hardest gym leader up until this point in the game. She uses four Pokemon instead of three so that is one thing to be aware of when going to battle her. Immediately Allister will send out an LVL Yamask which is a ground/ghost type Pokemon. Followed by an LVL 35 Mimikyu and a LVL 35 Cursola, which is one of the newest Galarian forms in the game. 

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Allister's final Pokemon is a LVL 35 Gengar which is the Pokemon that they will Dynamax so be sure to save your Dynamax for this one. Gengar is historically one of the strongest Pokemon in any game and is a definitive threat if you are not up to level with it. 



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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_