Pokemon Rumble Rush Update: Mewtwo And Many New Pokemon Arrive To The Game

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With all of the excitement surrounding Pokemon Sword and Shield, many may have forgotten that Pokemon Rumble Rush has gotten a new update.

Pokemon Rumble Rush will be introducing a host of new Pokemon into the mobile game.


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What Is Pokemon Rumble Rush?

Pokemon Rumble Rush is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokemon Company.

The fifth game in the Rumble series involves players using tap controls to explore uncharted islands, with their toy styled Pokemon.


As your Pokemon partner journeys through each stage, it will automatically target the nearest wild Pokémon. Tap the screen to direct its attacks—tap quickly to pull off rapid attacks, and hold down on the screen for a moment to charge up a more forceful move.


New Pokemon Coming To Rumble Rush

Starting now, more than 100 new Pokemon have been added to the game.


These Pokemon include Alolan Raichu, Golisopod and the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo.

You can also check out new style power gears, like Grappler, which causes your Pokemon to deal more damage the closer it is to its foes.

The update also includes some gameplay tweaks, to improve the quality of life; such as the amount of damage per second you deal being displayed on the screen when you clear a stage.

The total damage done to a Super Boss, while using summon gears, will also be displayed (as well as the max damage you have dealt to one Pokemon).


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91