Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: How to leave a dungeon

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is here, and we're here to get you up to speed on everything Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Once you're in one of the titular planets, things can get difficult. That means you might need a tactical retreat.


Here is how to escape a dungeon without losing all of your items.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: How To Leave Dungeons

Once you're in a dungeon, you have two options for getting out.


The first (and most straightforward) of these choices is to simply persevere and push through the Dungeon to its natural conclusion.

Eventually, you'll be able to escape via a staircase.

Your other option is to use an item called an Escape Orb. These consumables can be found in dungeons as well as shops and will let you teleport out of a dungeon (similar to the escape rope in the mainline games).

It'll also let you keep your earned goodies, so it's worth keeping one or two in reserve!