How To Get Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is the remake of the classic Red and Blue Gameboy titles, players will once again partake in the adventures that were so popular back then.

Shiny Pokemon are highly desirable and hard to come across - so everyone wants to challenge themselves to acquire one.


So Let's take a look at the odds!

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Shiny Starter Pokemon? 

As of now, we do not think there is a chance that you can get a Shiny Pokemon as your starter Pokemon. Although there may be a slim chance to get one; there is another way to get Shiny Pokemon!


Shiny Pokemon did not exist in past Mystery Dungeon games, so there was a lot of speculation whether or not they will be in this remake.

However, there has been confirmation about the existence of Shiny Pokemon in this remake.


Friend Bow

As posted on Reddit, some players during the beta noticed a very special item which all but confirmed Shiny Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX!


Described as "Pokemon you battle will be more likely to join you. It is also said Shiny Pokemon will want to join you too"

Who knows what kind of Shiny Pokemon we will find during Mystery Dungeon!