Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Friend Areas, All Houses, Homes, Rescue Camps

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is here, meaning you can now get dungeon-crawling with your favourite pocket monsters.

A big part of the game is collecting Pokemon and letting them rest in various camps and friend areas until you call on them.


Here's our guide to where you can leave them!

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Camps, Houses, and Friend Area Guides

Rescue Camps/Friend Areas


Rescue Camps (also known as Friend Areas) are resting spots that specialise in certain Pokemon types, so you'll find some that will house fire-type monsters but not water-type, for example.

You can buy them from Wigglytuff in Pokemon Square, but you can also unlock them as the story progresses.

Some Legendary Pokemon will even offer a new Rescue Camp that allows you to leave those same Legendaries there when you need to.



Depending on your Pokemon starter, your house will change its appearance.

For example, a Bulbasaur will lead to a grassy home, while Charmander's house will be filled with fire pits.

Reddit user u/OHaley has been collating the various locations, both interior and exteriors. Find them here!