Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Sinister Woods Guide - Best Pokemon Team, Item Locations And Wild Pokemon

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At this point in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX you are probably a higher level then you once were during your Mt. Steel adventure.

Sinister Woods will poise some trouble for some Pokemon as it offers some challenges, unlike other dungeons.

We'll take you through our guide of Sinister Woods!

Basic Information 

Here is some of the basic information you need to know before heading into Sinister Woods!

  • The dungeon itself has 13 floors, with the boss battle taking place on the 13.
  • The main type you will encounter in Sinister Woods is Grass and Bug type Pokemon. 
  • To get access to Sinister Woods, after Mt. Steel you will need to complete five random side missions.
  • The main mission will be to rescue a Metapod!


Pokemon and Team Meanies 

Team Meanies is another one of the rescue teams within the game, this is the first time you will have to battle them as they challenged you to see who could rescue Metapod first. 

There is no real counter to the Pokemon in the Team Meanies lineup in Sinister Woods; instead you are just going to have to be prepared for a brawl. 

Below are all the Pokemon you will encounter in Sinister Woods courtesy of Bulbapedia!



Below are all the items you will be able to find within Sinister Woods. 

Best Pokemon To Use

Once again it appears that Fire type Pokemon are going to be your best bet while in Sinister Woods.

Although when you encounter the boss battle against Team Meanies, there is no type that can really prevail here; be aware they are LVL 13 which is rather high for this point in the game!