Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Mt. Thunder Guide - Best Pokemon Team, Item Locations And Wild Pokemon

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX allows you the opportunity to encounter legendary Pokemon throughout the games.

The first one you encounter is hidden within Mt. Thunder and is a key part of the story.

Let's take you through our guide of Mt. Thunder

Basic Information 

Here is some of the basic information you should know before entering Mt. Thunder!

  • The dungeon has 13 floors.
  • As the name implies, the main Pokemon type you will encounter is Electric type.
  • You will encounter the legendary Pokemon Zapdos and have to fight it as apart of the story. 
  • You and your Pokemon team are on a task to rescue Shiftry after the last dungeons events. 
  • You can recruit Zapdos at Mt. Thunder but not until you complete the game and return to the dungeon!



Mt. Thunder is split into two categories, the basic dungeon part of Mt. Thunder and the peak of Mt. Thunder. The latter is where you will encounter much tougher Pokemon then before.

Check out all the Pokemon in Mt. Thunder courtesy of Bullbapedia!


Below are all the items you can obtain in Mt. Thunder!

Best Pokemon To Use

Since this is an Electric-type dungeon, the best Pokemon type you can use is Ground or Rock; this will be crucial to an easy dungeon as Zapdos is immensely challenging at this point in the game. 

All the way up to LVL 25 it poises a challenge unlike any other boss in the game!

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