Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Mt. Steel Guide - Best Pokemon Team, Item Locations And Wild Pokemon

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is finally here! The remake of the classic Gameboy title has released on Nintendo Switch worldwide now and players are jumping into some dungeons now.

One of the most important story moments of the game is the third dungeon in the game, Mt. Steel. 


Let's take a look at our guide for Mt. Steel!


Here are some key notes regarding Mt. Steel and why you will need to adventure into this dungeon:

  • This dungeon has nine floors (B9)
  • It does not have any Kecleon shops
  • Like the name, the main type of Pokemon you will encounter throughout this dungeon is Steel-type Pokemon
  • This is the mission within the game that you will need to go rescue Diglet who is being held captive by the boss Pokemon Skarmory. 

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Listed below are the Pokemon you will encounter while in Mt. Steel, courtesy of Bulbapedia!




Here are all the items you will be able to find in Mt. Steel and the floors you'll encounter each. 

Best Pokemon To Use

Since this dungeon is heavily based on Steel-type Pokemon, we highly recommend you have a Fire-type Pokemon in your party; although this dungeon is early on in the game so we think you will manage regardless.