Pokemon Masters Community Tier Lists: Best Sync Pairs For Pokemon's Mobile Game!

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Pokemon Masters was released last year and has already become one of the most popular mobile games across the world.

Although it has not reached Pokemon Go heights, it still bolsters one of the biggest mobile player bases.

With so many trainers and Pokemon to choose from, the community can be torn regarding which ones are at the top.

Here are some of the most well-known tier lists as of June 2020, from members of the Pokemon Masters Community. 



MYSVGC posted their tier list over on the following site, which can be found here.

They note that their tier list revolves around the entirety of the game and does not solely focus on late game, or early game. 

Check out their tier list below! It is worth mentioning that they are one of the few community members that have multiple people on the top tier!

Photo and tier list via MYSVGC




YouTuber Pocemon posted a length YouTube video where he went on to note his strike tier list and gave his reasoning for each position.

Be sure to check out his YouTube video here, but below is a screenshot of his tier list! With only Red on the top of the list, this has sparked some community debate for sure. 




Reddit user Spark posted their tier list a few months ago, now this one may be a bit outdated; as they did collab with the above YouTuber on their list.

However, it is always good to go back and get some insight from previous tier lists to see how the meta and overall gameplay has changed. 

Take this one with a grain of salt, as since Red was introduced the game has changed entirely. But, the majority of the bottom tiers are relatively the same to this day.

Photo and tier list via MomoSpark's Reddit post