Pokémon: Leaks, Remakes, Sinnoh, Johto Talk, and More

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As reported by Dextero, a pair of fairly reliable Nintendo leakers — Nintend’Alerts and Centro Pokémon Leaks — are teasing more potential Pokémon news.

What’s next for Pokémon on the Switch?

We still don’t know what the next big Pokémon title will be, but fans are speculating that we could see another pair of launches — much like Let’s Go, Pikachu! being followed by Sword and Shield.


“This comes from [Nintend’Alerts], which has a very good track record at leaking Nintendo information,” Centro Pokémon Leaks tweeted on Tuesday, along with a rough translation.

“And to think that people complain about the [Mario] remasters,” Nintend’Alerts said, according to the translation. “When they see the Pokémon thing that’s coming, they’re going to complain [even more].”

Pretty vague, but the idea is that whatever the news is, it’s going to make a lot of fans unhappy. So what might disappoint the core player base?

Let’s Go… Totodile?

Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! were the first Pokémon releases to hit the Switch, which meant a lot of people bought them.


They were modern, easily accessible reimaginings of Pokémon Yellow Version, essentially, and so naturally the wheels of nostalgia kept on turning.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we’re just about due for another wave of Pokémon remakes.

So it makes sense that many Pokéfans are predicting a return to the Johto region introduced in gen two’s Silver Version and Gold Version — great games that a lot of folks still treasure.

Max Diamond and Max Pearl?

Pokémon Red and Blue got remakes in FireRed and LeafGreen; Silver and Gold Version got HeartGold and SoulSilver. In 2014, we got Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You get the idea.


It’s been six years since the gen-three remakes, so fans of Diamond and Pearl are ready for the time in the sun, so to speak.

A recent, still-unverified leak by YouTuber RuffledRowlit suggests the gen-four remakes could be happening very soon, and that they’ll be called Max Diamond and Max Pearl, after the Dynamax mechanic from Sword and Shield.

The purported leak looks a little fishy on the surface, but the logic of it is sound. It seems like the kind of thing that could get announced at any moment — even if the supposed leak is partially or wholly fabricated.

For now, we wait until the next Pokémon Presents livestream.