Pokemon Home: How To Transfer Your Pokemon From ANY Game

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Pokemon Home releases in February and the details were released this week on how the app will work and what's included.

One concern for fans is the fact that the Pokemon Home app will not necessarily support full Pokemon transfers - this is due to Pokemon Sword and Shield not having a national Pokedex.


However, the most recent Expansion Pass has added over 200 more Pokemon that can be found in the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

One Reddit user has explained how to transfer Pokemon from ALL game including the Nintendo 64.

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How To Trade Pokemon From Any Game And Platform To Home

Reddit user YamiArtio has revealed a great way to move Pokemon from almost any Pokemon game and accessory to Pokemon Home.


The flowchart even lists games made for the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube!

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Photo via u/YamiArtio

Although many of the older generations can not be transferred into the newer versions of Pokemon, it's still a great thing to have.


If over 600 Pokemon will soon be available in Sword and Shield, it gives us great hope that the game will soon include all Pokemon in history - so it's worth storing them in your Pokemon Home.