Pokemon Home Getting Anti-Cheat Measures To Prevent Hacking

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Pokemon Home is getting fresh anti-cheat measures as Game Freak works to clamp down on illegally altered Pokemon.

Pokemon Home launched in February, and allows players to import their captured critters from older games in the franchise to Sword and Shield.

Unfortunately, hackers have been altering Pokemon before importing them.


Pokemon Home Getting Anti-Cheat Measures

When booting the app on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch this week, players were greeted with the following message:

"It has come to our attention that some users have deposited Pokemon with altered attributes to Pokemon HOME, causing the app to function in ways that were not intended. In response, we will be addressing the presence of these altered Pokemon in Pokemon HOME."

"Note: The altered Pokémon addressed in this notice cannot be obtained through any of Pokémon HOME's trading systems or through normal gameplay in any game in the Pokémon series. Note: We will not be responding to individual inquiries regarding this issue."

That's a pretty definitive statement, suggesting even if you've traded for an altered Pokemon, you won't be able to contact Game Freak for assistance.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know what form these measures will take, but presumably, it'll involve snooping through your Pokemon to find anything out of the ordinary.

The Pokemon subreddit is particularly pleased though, noting that it's been a long time coming.