Pokemon Go Safari Zone Philadelphia: Take part in the event from anywhere in the world

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Pokemon Go is one of the world's most popular mobile games, but even it isn't immune to the global pandemic.

The game's upcoming Safari Zone Philadelphia event has been postponed indefinitely, but players that already purchased a ticket will be able to take part in a digital version of the event instead.


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According to Niantic's blog post, players will be able to request refunds but "as an added bonus for those who retain their tickets, we will activate the Safari Zone Pokémon encounters and Special Research globally during the original scheduled event hours (in your local time zone) so that you can still enjoy the event from wherever you are in the world. Only ticket holders will be able to experience this bonus event."

As a reminder, it kicks off at 6 am on Friday May 8 and runs until 10 pm on Sunday May 10.


"If you purchased a City Explorer Pass add-on, the increased Incense and Lure Module duration, as well as the reduced Egg Hatch Distance, will be activated globally during the original event weekend, in your local time. The City Explorer Pass will work as originally planned with Explorer Raids and Field Research tasks—as well as the increased Incense and Lure Module duration, and reduced Egg Hatch Distance—during the rescheduled Safari Zone event. For more information on the City Explorer Pass, please visit the Niantic Help Center."

Will you be catching Pokemon as part of the event? Let us know, and above all else, stay safe!