Pokemon Go PokeCoin Changes: New Challenges Coming

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Pokemon GO's PokeCoins have seen some changes other the last few months, and Niantic is looking to help mix up the game's "Today View" challenges by adding Team GO Rocket challenges to the mix.

As reported by Pokemon Go Hub, the update will roll out to Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan in the near future.


Pokemon GO: New PokeCoin Challenges

The game's current tasks run from the likes of evolving a Pokemon or making a great or excellent throw, but with many players confined indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are itching for fresh ways to earn PokeCoins.

Pokemon Go Hub has speculated that the changes will add challenges relating to Shadow Pokemon or defeating a Team GO Rocket Grunt.

Don't expect a higher coin limit per day, though - you'll have a strict limit of 50, with 20 available from challenges and 30 from holding gyms.