Pokemon Go Players Could Be Getting Increased PokeCoin Earnings

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Pokemon Go is still going strong, and trainers might want to jump back into the game if the game's recent tests of an increased PokeCoin rate are to be believed.

Tested in Australia, there have been changes made since trials begin - here's everything we know so far.

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Pokemon Go's Coin Changes

As reported by Pokemon Go Hub, the following have been changed over the last few weeks.

  • Max PokeCoins that can be earned daily is 50
  • Players can earn six PokeCoins per hour from defending gyms, up to a max of 30 per day (this was 50 before a recent drop).
  • PokeCoins earned from daily activities are limited to 20.

Until these changes roll out to all players (if they do), don't forget you can find our handy guide on earning coins rapidly.

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