Pokemon GO Pinsir Raid Day 2020: Dates, Schedule, Bonuses, Rewards, Special Research And More

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Pokemon GO's Pinsir Raid day was on the cards but has now been CANCELLED.

The bug Pokemon could be subject to its own dedicated event giving players the chance to catch a shiny version of the intimidating creature.


Here's what we know about the Pinsir Raid Day

Pinsir Raid Day

So far, little is known about the specifics regarding a Pinsir Raid Day.

All we have is data mine text from PokeMiners:


RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pinsirTEXT: Raid Day: Pinsir

RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pokemonTEXT: Featured Pokémon appearing in all raids

RESOURCE ID: raids_pinsirTEXT: Pinsir appearing in all raids

It's an unusual Pokemon to have a raid day for as it has no evolution chain and many will have already caught.


However, it will be a chance to catch a shiny version.