Pokemon GO Latios And Latias Raid Weekend 2020: Dates, Schedule, Bonuses, Rewards, Special Research And More

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Pokemon GO has confirmed a Latios and Latias Raid Weekend after a datamine initially warned us of its approach.

The legendary Pokemon could be subject to its own dedicated event giving players the chance to catch a shiny version of these elegant creatures.


Here's what we know about the Latias and Latios Raid Weekend.

Latios and Latias Raid Day

The event will take place on Friday, June 12, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. to Monday, June 15, 2020, at 10:00 p.m. local time.

The Legendary Pokémon Latias and Latios will be in five-star raids.


Latias and Latios are both Dragon and Psychic-type, so it’ll be best to bring along other Dragon-type Pokémon, such as Rayquaza and Dialga.

They are also weak to Ice-, Bug-, Ghost-, Dark-, and Fairy-type attacks, so some recommended Pokémon to round out your Raid Battle teams are Tyranitar, Togekiss, and Mamoswine.