Pokemon GO: How To Earn Mega Energy, Mega Venusaur Leaving Mega Raids, And More

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Pokemon GO are non stop releasing content and we're loving it so far.

You can read more on events in the app, such as November Community Day here.


This time around it looks like Vensaur will be getting some attention.

More importantly, let's find out how you can get your hands on some mega energy!

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Mega Energy/Venusaur/Raids

October 23rd at 6 PM PDT or 2 AM GMT Mega Venusaur will be leaving Mega Raids.


Mega Gengar will now take its place.

From now until then Mega Venusaur will be appearing more often in Mega Raids.

Here's how to earn Venusaur Mega Energy:

  • You’ll be able to earn Venusaur Mega Energy by completing select Field Research tasks.
  • An upcoming event in November will feature Timed Research that rewards Venusaur Mega Energy.
  • We’ll provide other ways for you to earn Venusaur Mega Energy in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

In early November, there will be updates to the Mega Evolution feature. You’ll be able to do the following.

  • Earn Mega Energy by walking with your Buddy Pokémon if you have previously Mega Evolved a Pokémon in your Buddy Pokémon’s Evolutionary line.
  • Earn additional Candies when you have an active Mega-Evolved Pokémon and you catch a Pokémon that shares a type with your Mega-Evolved Pokémon. You will also earn additional Candies when catching a Raid Boss, regardless of its type.
  • See Trainers on your friend list who currently have a Mega-Evolved Pokémon.

Happy Pokemon hunting!