Pokemon Go: February: Community Day, Legendary Pokemon and Valentines Event

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With Pokemon Go's January community day done and dusted, Niantic has already set their sights on the month ahead. February will have a host of new rewards and events to take advantage of, so get those shoes on, and prepare for plenty of walking. In addition to all of the content below, there will also be a Pokemon Day on February 27 when a special in-game event will be held.

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February Community Day


The previous Community Day has only just happened and with it being so successful, Pokemon Go is still fresh in our minds. To sweeten the pot, Niantic has taken the term 'Community Day' to a whole new level this month, by allowing players to vote on which little pocket critter they want as the centre of attention on February 22. 

Players have four Pokemon to choose from, which come with a special Community Day move:

Vulpix / Alolan Vulpix         Weather Ball

Machop                                  Payback

Rhyhorn                                 Rock Wrecker

Dratini                                    Superpower

The players can vote on the Pokemon of their choice by spinning Pokestops for additional Field Research, the research will require the player to catch 20 Pokemon. Once completed, the vote will be counted and the player will be rewarded with 200 Stardust. 


Voting ends 1st February at midnight. The front runner is clear, as a few days ago when the official Pokemon Go Twitter account put a poll up, asking "If the Community Day voting was today, who would you vote for?" 

Rhyhorn dominated the poll...

As well as the spawn rate being incredibly high on Community Day, players can also expect triple the amount of Stardust.

Shadow Raikou

Raikou - Niantic is in the process of rolling out another new Special Research questline called 'A Professor’s Work Is Never Done' revolving around Team Rocket. You'll be tasked with defeating various Team Rocket grunts and leaders. This will culminate in a battle with Giovanni, and after defeating him, you'll earn a shot at capturing (and saving) the Legendary Pokemon: Shadow Raikou.


Sinnoh Event


A Sinnoh region celebration event will be running from February 7th at 8am to February 10th at 10pm. During this time, Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will be appearing more often in the wild and in raids.

In addition to this, any 7km Eggs obtained during the event will hatch certain Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, including Hippopotas, Combee, Mantyke, Gible, Riolu, Budew, and Bronzor.

There will also be Field Research tasks rewarding players with encounters with Sinnoh Pokemon as well as (Finally!) Sinnoh Stones! 

Valentines Event

The Valentines Event will have plenty to do this year, with pink Pokemon showing up more frequently in the wild, in raids, eggs, and as Field Research encounters.

Audino and Alomomola will be making their Pokemon Go debut, and as an added bonus, Lure Modules will last 6 hours and each Pokemon caught will offer up double the Candy. 

This event will be from February 14th at 8am to February 17th at 10pm.


Raid Day

The day after valentines day will also be an event day for Pokemon Go. Raid Day will be on Saturday, February 15th, from 2pm  to 5pm. The event will feature Lickitung in four-star raids, the long-tongued Pokemon will be able to use the move Body Slam, so be sure to bring a Fighting-type Pokemon.

You'll be able to net five extra Raid Passes at no cost during the event by spinning the Gyms afterwards.

Special friendship weekend

From February 21st at 8am to February 24th at 10pm you will receive the following bonuses:

2x Trade Candy

1/2 Trade Stardust cost


The number of Gifts you can open daily will increase to 40.

Friendship levels will increase faster

The number of Gifts you can carry in your inventory will increase to 20.

Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour

The two new experimental events Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour include:

Spotlight Hour: A secret Pokemon will show up more frequently on February 4th between 6pm to 7pm.

Mystery Bonus Hour: Am unknown bonus will be live on February 6 between 6pm to 7pm.