Pokemon GO: Battle League Season 1: Should It Be Delayed?

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GO Battle League Season 1 will debut this month on Friday, March 13th, but things are looking pretty shaky. Should it be delayed until server errors, bugs and glitches are taken care of? 

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Pokemon GO Battle League is a global competition where trainers can battle each other to earn in-game rewards. The preseason for the competition went live in January, and the season 1 debut will be on March 13th.

Unfortunately, players are experiencing some frustrating issues new and old, that just might need the new GO Battle League season to hold off for a few more days, until things are fixed.


Players are reporting cheating opponents that are still using the dreaded airplane mode hack to get themselves an easy win, as well as a slew of bugs and glitches.

a new, unseen bug saw Twitter user Fitzcity22 furious, as his Kyogre was stuck on an animation loop, leaving him vulnerable to his opponent who repeatedly hit him

As well as the bugs and hackers plaguing the PVP game modes, Niantic's own servers are causing major issues as well. 

 Players unaware that they have a weak connection aren't alerted until halfway through a battle, by then they've most likely been kicked from the match. 

Niantics servers are regularly down for maintenance, and although it isn't their fault, it will still affect players looking to take the competitive side of Pokemon GO seriously. 

The longer these issues persist, the more players Pokemon GO is likely to lose, and it seems Pokemon GOs PVP community wouldn't mind a delay on season 1 if it means a better overall experience. 

As it looks at the moment, Niantic plan to go ahead with rolling out Season 1 of GO Battle League in its current state. Hopefully, this means a fix for some of these bugs will follow. 

What do you think? Should GO Battle League Season 1 be held off until the games PVP mode is fixed? Tweet us and let us know your opinion!

Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett

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