Pokemon Go removes support of some Android devices and Niantic issuing accidental bans for iOS users

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Pokemon Go is still going strong, but there are some issues facing trainers in the coming weeks.

For one, Android players with 32-bit operating systems (i.e mostly older devices) won't be able to play the game for too much longer.

Plus, Niantic has confirmed that they're investigating reports that players have been accidentally banned by the developer. Here's all we know. 

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Pokemon Go Android Compatibility Issues

According to the Pokemon Go blog, removing support for 32-bit Android devices means the developer "will be able to streamline our development process and focus resources on supporting newer operating systems and technologies."

Here's a look at some of the 32-bit devices specifically mentioned. Is your phone on the list?

  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, J2, J3
  • Sony Xperia Z2, Z3
  • Motorola Moto G (1st gen), Nexus 6
  • LG Fortune, Tribute
  • OnePlus One
  • HTC One (M8)
  • ZTE Overture 3

If you're looking to find out if your device is running a 64 or 32-bit operating system, you can download 64Bit Checker here.

Have you been banned in Pokemon Go?

If you're on iPhone and thinking you're free of any Pokemon Go woes, you might have a nasty surprise.

Users on iOS 12, 11, 10 and 9 have been reporting on bans of seven days from Niantic, along with "first-strike" punishment at the account level.

Niantic's Support account tweeted:

"We're investigating reports that some players are being incorrectly flagged by our systems and receiving punishments on their accounts. We will share an update as soon as we are able."

If you've been affected, keep an eye out for a solution via the Twitter page.

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