Pokemon Cards Are Being Sold At Some Target Stores Again

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The Pokemon trading card game has become incredibly popular since the pandemic began. This isn't from playing the actual game; it's really because some cards are incredibly valuable. This has caused buyers to act unruly and out of place to get more cards and packets, including threatening other customers with a gun.

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Target will allow the purchase of Pokemon Cards again, and Walmart never stopped

Target and Walmart held the largest sales of Pokemon cards and NBA, MLB, and NFL trading cards until mid-May when they halted retailers' sales due to a spike in altercations involving customers and employees, as well as consequences for scalpers. Consequently, there was a wave of thefts of Pokemon cards in Japan and the United States, with some stores even being targeted several times.

On June 1, several collectors began spotting and documenting successful Pokemon purchases at different Target locations. The company's official Twitter account confirmed that Pokemon cards are once again being sold at Target stores.


Target has clarified that it will sell Pokemon Trading Cards Game items daily and limit each customer to two items per purchase. This is intended to discourage scalping. Compared to Target's policy several months ago, the new one seems a bit more lenient. Target announced in April that it would only allow its stores to sell the cards every Friday at 8 am. As Target had removed them from display shelves entirely, customers had to ask about item stock at the customer service desk. The Pokemon cards were also limited to just one purchase per customer. In the new policy, the product limit has been doubled, and all restrictions on time have been removed.

Many fans are thrilled about the return of Pokemon in brick-and-mortar stores after Target removed Pokemon from stores for safety reasons. Despite widespread rumors, the cards are still on sale at Walmart stores despite widespread rumors that the company would follow suit. Hopefully, this time, that will not be required, and Pikachu can be happy with his fans.