Pokemon Cafe Mix: Release Date, Gameplay Price, Platforms And More

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On the 17th of June, Pokemon Presents was live-streamed on the official Youtube channel.

Many games were featured including Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Snap, and Pokemon Cafe Mix.


Here's everything we know.

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What is Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game available for both mobile and Nintendo Switch for free, although there are in-game purchases.

In the game, you have a cafe that you run with the help of your Pokemon staff.

Other Pokemon will visit, to serve them you must complete puzzles which consist of matching up icons from the same Pokemon species but be careful as you only have a set number of moves to complete it in!

The more puzzles you complete the higher your friendship with those Pokemon will become, in turn, you can unlock cafe upgrades and new customers. 



If you get your friendship level high enough, that Pokemon may offer to come and work for you. Some customers may even send you gifts.

Each Pokemon will have speciality foods which they prepare better than others so it's important to diversify your staff.

By completing orders you gain Golden Acorns which is the currency used to buy upgrades, consumable items and extra moves if you run out during a puzzle.

Each month you will receive 6 free Pokemon so even if you're not playing every day make sure to check-in.

You can add other players and check out how their cafe is doing too.


Below is the trailer showcased in the Pokemon Presents live stream.


Release Date

The game is set to release on the 24th of June in a weeks time, it's currently available for pre-order on the Eshop and App Store.



Below are some screenshots from the video premiered in the Pokemon Presents live stream, for actual gameplay footage take a look at the trailer above.