Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Graphics Have Improved

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It's no surprise to hear that a new trailer is coming for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

We're nearing E3 2021, Nintendo will almost certainly mention it or show some of the gameplay off; but what if we told you it's not the same game?


A leaker has said that a big change is coming to the Diamond and Pearl remake and will be visible in the new trailer.

Improved Graphics For Diamond And Pearl Remakes

Reliable Pokemon leaker, Centro Leaks, has informed us that the remakes will be getting a new trailer soon.

To add some excitement, the graphics are reportedly "a lot" better than before.


With remakes, it's no surprise to see improved graphics and some general tinkering done to the games. But fans expressed their disappointment with the art style and the underwhelming graphics in this particular remake.

Not only was the art style different, but it wasn't exactly of high standards. So it's great to hear that they will be improved upon.

When asked to clarify if this meant Nintendo and Pokemon had moved away from the chibi art style, the leaker replied: “No. Don’t expect the art style to change. But expect the graphics to be polished significantly.”

I'm sure we can all agree we'd rather see graphics more closely resembling the latest release, but at least will only be a few months after its release before a brand new and unique Pokemon game releases.