Pokémon Streamer Finds Incredible 1/250,000 Chance Shiny Encounter

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Shiny hunters are some of the bravest Pokémon players around. While competitive battlers may have the upper hand on tactics, at least they can take their fate in their own hands by building a strong team and practicing hard. Practicing shiny hunts does not help you out, it simply offers you more chances to overcome the odds and RNG.

Usually, there's a 1/4,096 chance of finding a random shiny, but, as with all main series games in recent years, Pokémon Sword and Shield offers a few ways to manipulate the shiny odds in your favour. There's the age-old Masuda method, which involves hatching eggs with parents from different real-world regions, and the Shiny Charm which is a reward for completing the Pokédex.

Streamer and shiny hunter 'classicalcat' was playing Dynamax Adventures, a multiplayer minigame which sees players venture through caverns to take on the Legendary Pokémon that resides within. The shiny odds are considerably higher in this mode as well, you have a 1/300 chance for one of the four Pokémon to be shiny (or 1/100 with the shiny charm).


Pokémon Streamer Finds Incredible 1/250,000 Chance Shiny Encounter

However, the chances get higher if you're hunting a specific Pokémon. Classicalcat was hunting Dialga, which has a 1/400 chance of being shiny in Dynamax Adventures. However, those odds skyrocket if you get more than one shiny.

But classicalcat didn't just get two shinies. To be honest, you're best off just watching the clip below:

Yep, she managed to get no fewer than three shinies. In her tweet shouting out the incredible adventure, classicalcat reckons that the odds of this happening are one in a million, but our calculations put that a little bit out.

The odds of three 1/100 shinies cropping up in one adventure are 0.00000396. Rounding that up to 0.000004 gives us a probability of 1/250,000. However, if classicalcat doesn't have the shiny charm (which as a shiny hunter, we doubt she's missed it), the odds are roughly 1/750,000.

Since the odds of a completely random encounter with no shiny charm are 1/4,096, even the 1/250,000 chance of getting three shinies is an incredible achievement. We're not sure we'll ever see this happen again in our lifetime.

Congratulations to classicalcat on the incredible run - this is surely a shiny hunter's dream (or maybe a nightmare that you have to choose one). Let's just hope she didn't pick Dugtrio.