McDonald's Reportedly Limiting Pokemon Happy Meal Purchases

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McDonald’s is reportedly sending internal memos to recommend limits on how many Happy Meals people can buy in the U.K. in anticipation of impending Poke-madness.

NintendoLife acquired a copy of one such memo stating customers would be limited to one additional toy beyond their Happy Meal.

While it doesn’t mention what the Pokemon prize will be inside each Happy Meal, McDonald’s is apparently not taking any chances following the U.S. incidents in February.


Then, people bought the meals en masse, but not because of a tiny, adorable plastic Pikachu.

It’s because McDonald’s was giving away Pokemon cards.

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McDonald's Reportedly Limiting Pokemon Happy Meal Purchases

2021 saw renewed interest in Pokemon cards thanks to some people seeing extraordinarily high sell prices on individual, original Pokemon cards.

Now, we know and you know you find original Pokemon cards in your attic or at some unsuspecting person’s yard sale, not in 2021 McDonald’s Happy Meals.

These were special 25th anniversary collector's cards, though.


YouTubers and scalpers were buying the entire stock of Happy Meals from local McD’s, reportedly chucking the food, and showing off their card hauls on stream and selling them for exorbitant prices.

There’s no guarantee the U.K. Happy Meals will include Pokemon Cards anyway, but we’d be surprised if McDonald’s was taking these extra measures on the off chance people wanted 5,000 Jigglypuff stickers.

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[Source: NintendoLife]