The Next Pokémon TCG Set Hints At New "Pokémon Live" App

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The Pokémon Company has unveiled the next TCG set, Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike, which will release on November 12 worldwide. However, it's not the Gigantamax Gengar or Boltund booster packs that are getting players excited, and it's not even the new VMAX Mew included in the set.

Players have spotted some information in the small print of retailer listings for the set, which mentions "Pokémon TCG Live," described as an app. There is also a small logo visible, which doesn't appear to have been used previously.

With the set launching in November, could we expect a new Pokémon game (or more accurately, app) to launch alongside Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl this holiday season?

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New Pokémon TCG Set Hints At New "Pokémon Live" App

With no more information than the confirmation of a code card included with booster packs, we don't know what the app will look like. However, that's not stopping fans from speculating.

Many are expecting Pokémon TCG Live to be a replacement for the current TCG Online application, which allows players to battle over the Internet with their virtual collections.

During the pandemic, TCGO was used to host official Pokémon TCG tournaments, but many still feel the current iteration of the app has its drawbacks.

A set of Pokémon TCG booster packs, alongside bod sleeves with Mew on them.
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At risk of being forgotten among the excitement, Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike is introducing the Fusion Strike Style mechanic alongside 20 Pokémon V (and 13 full-art Pokémon V), eight Pokémon VMAX, 20 Trainer cards, seven full-art Supporter cards, and one Special Energy card.

With Genesect and Hoopa leading the line for the Pokémon V included in the set, there's a lot to be excited for.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest Pokémon TCG Live news as soon as we hear anything.

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