The Pokémon Company Announces New Pokémon Evolutions Series

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The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Evolutions, a new eight-part series streaming online only starting September 9. The series is part of TPC's celebrations for the series' 25th anniversary, and, accordingly, each episode focuses on a story from one of the eight existing Pokémon regions.

The Pokémon Evolutions trailer shows what looks like snippets from each game's plot, only minus you. We see Hop and Leon training in the Galar Pokémon League, for example, along with Lily confronting her mother's nefarious plans.


These two received most of the attention, but the rest of the trailer offered a tantalizing glimpse at other stories.

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The Pokémon Company Announces New Pokémon Evolutions Series

There's a Ho-oh themed performance in Johto, for example, along with Barry shielding a bruised Prinplup from Team Galactic, and environmental chaos when Groudon and Kyogre attack.

Conspicuously absent from the Pokémon Evolutions trailer is anything related to Kanto.

With this year being the Pokémon 25th anniversary, though, we'd be surprised if the last episode or two didn't have something big in store for the original Pokémon region.


Perhaps Evolutions will even gently tease some of Sinnoh's past when it was the Hisui Region, with Pokémon Arceus Legends just around the corner too.

Pokémon Evolutions will stream on YouTube and Pokémon TV, which is also available on mobile devices and as an the Pokémon TV app on Nintendo Switch.

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[Source: The Pokémon Company]