Why The Crown Tundra Will Be Better Than The Isle of Armor!

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Pokemon will be releasing the second expansion pack of the Sword and Shield series in just a few weeks. 

The Isle of Armor was an okay adventure in the eyes of Pokemon fans, but there is still a lot of room to improve.


With the recent trailer for The Crown Tundra, we believe this DLC will be the best yet!


Every Pokemon fan is well aware of the constant criticism that has been thrown in Nintendo's way since Sword and Shield released.

Not having a National Dex, or every Pokemon ever made in Sword and Shield really hit a soft spot with some fans.


However, The Crown Tundra is looking to make up for these wrongs; as players will be able to catch all legendary Pokemon from all generations.

This is going to be an exceptional addition that we believe most Pokemon players will be delighted with.

Rounding out your Pokedex will be a great way to past time, and catching some of your favorite legendaries sounds alright to us!


Galarian Star Tournament

One of the most unique features announced is the Galarian Star Tournament; this appears to be another iteration of the Battle Tower, but with a twist.

You will be able to choose any trainer you have met throughout Sword and Shield, and you will get to go up against some of the strongest trainers in the region.

This seems like a good way to pass some time and try out some new Pokemon combinations.


As well, you get to battle alongside some of the characters you bonded with over the Galar Region!

The Isle of Armor never had a feature like this, so it is a welcomed addition for sure. 


This final point may not sit well with some fans, but if we're being honest the Crown Tundra has a much cooler setting than the Isle of Armor.


Isolated in this mysterious frozen wasteland, where players will have to undergo a mining adventure is far and away better than the tropical island setting of the Isle of Armor.

As well, Calyrex, the legendary Pokemon for this DLC is the best out of the bunch; there is no doubt about that!