31 Aug 2021 11:24 AM +00:00

How to Get Zeraora for Free in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite follows in the footsteps of numerous other mobile-focused F2P games. You get rewards not only for completing matches, but simply by logging into the game frequently as well. One of those rewards is a free Zeraora License which unlocks the character for play. The freebie is only for a very limited time after the game's launch, however, so you'll have to nab it before it potentially goes away for good. Here's how to get Zeraora in Pokémon Unite for free.

Zeraora is one of the best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite right now. As a Speedster, it has no trouble zipping around the Pokémon Unite maps and scoring points while the enemy team struggles to keep up. You can read about how to build and counter it in our comprehensive Zeraora build guide to get you off on the right foot.

How to Get Zeraora for Free in Pokemon Unite


To get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite, all you actually have to do is log in before August 31. Meet that simple requirement and you'll unlock the Thunderclap Pokémon to use in all your future battles. But you'll have to work your way through a couple of menus to actually add it to your roster.

Once you're on the main menu after playing the tutorial match, you'll find your free Pokémon Unite Zeraora license in your in-game mail, which you can access by hitting X on the main menu and going down to the Mail menu. Look for the 'Launch Bonus' letter in the System Messages tab and you'll unlock Zeroara for free.

If you miss your opportunity to get a free Zeraora by not playing Pokémon Unite before August 31, you might be out of luck for the time being. Whether Zeraora will be available for purchase using in-game Aeos Gems or Aeos Coins down the line isn't clear, but right now Zeraora is only listed as unlockable through the limited-time event. This could even repeat in the future, but we don't know for sure.

Another thing that isn't clear is how Zeraora might be unlocked in the mobile version of Pokemon Unite.

Given the Pokémon Unite iOS and Android release date isn't until September, which is after the current free Zeraora promotional period, it's unclear whether anyone starting fresh then will get Zeraora for free by starting on mobile or whether this is, in fact, little more than a reward for owning and playing the game on Nintendo Switch at launch.