How To Fix Pokémon Unite "Network Error"

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Pokemon Unite has just been released and it has already been hugely popular. However, this popularity has caused a "network error" to appear for many players as they are playing.

This error has caused players to fail to reconnect to the server they are on in Pokemon Unite. Well, here is the information you need to know to go about fixing the problem, whether you are playing on Nintendo Switch, iOS, or Android.


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How Can I Fix Pokemon Unite Network Error?

To go about solving the Pokemon Unite network error, you should first check @PokemonUnite on Twitter for any server status updates.

If nothing has been mentioned there, next check you connection strength on your device is good and you have a good connection to your router.


Other checks you can do are rebooting your device, checking the game for an update, resetting your internet, and switching to mobile data instead of WiFi or vice versa.

Finally, it is also possible the game is just experiencing a rough patch and therefore it might be best to take a break and come back in a few hours to see if the servers have fixed themselves.

If all of those problems still haven't solved your issue, then you can head to the support page for the game for more tips and suggestions.

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