A Gardevoir Pokémon Unite Release Date Is Set for Tomorrow

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In the first post-release content drop for the franchise's first MOBA, a Gardevoir Pokémon Unite release has been set: and she's coming as early as tomorrow, July 28. Typically, MOBA titles tease long-awaited additions to their rosters over weeks or even sometimes months.

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How Much Will Gardevoir Cost

Although Pokémon Unite has been fairly generous with free unlocks as far as MOBA titles like Wild Rift go, it's likely only to get people hooked on the game by easily finding their favourite.

With the post-release arrival of Gardevoir, expect her to cost a pretty penny upon release. Right now, we expect Gardevoir to cost 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems: which is just in line with the current most Pokémon in the game.

The price might come down as more and more Pokémon arrive to take these pricey slots, but expect any new character to cost this much when they first release.

Gardevoir Moveset

Until she releases tomorrow, we're currently stuck using the teaser trailer to figure out the Pokémon Unite Gardevoir moveset. She appears to use her Psychic abilities to confuse targets and can even pull groups together with psychic energy that then explodes for heavy damage.

As a ranged attacker, she'll presumably play similarly to Venusaur, prioritizing high damage from a distance while being relatively easy to shut down in you manage to get within melee range: although her shield ability could facilitate a more hands-on approach with the right build.

That being said, her command over psychic energy will probably allow her to pin the speedsters likely to get in her way. Pikachu doesn't fare too well in the trailer, so expect Zeraora to suffer the same fate. High-burst characters like Talonflame might just be able to shut her down before they get trapped, however.

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