Pokémon Unite Espeon Build - Best Items and Moves

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Image of Espeon in Pokémon Unite.

Need a look at a solid Pokémon Unite Espeon build? The latest Eeveelution to arrive in the MOBA is the silky Psychic-type, and we've got an overview of the items, moves, and counters you'll need to find success. Before you unlock it, though, check out how to build it.

In this Pokémon Unite guide, we'll break down a potential build for Espeon in Pokémon Unite based on early post-release gameplay. We've also got a look at the best held items to use, on top of the moves you'll want to use. And, if you're confused, we'll also go over how you can get Espeon for free, and how long it takes to obtain.

Need more content? feel free to check out our Pokémon Unite Sylveon build for another Eevee variant that's already in the game. We've also got the May 2022 update patch notes to keep you fully updated, and a look at all the held items in the game.

Is Espeon Any Good in Pokémon Unite?

For the most part, new Pokémon Unite characters are released in a relatively overpowered state. Sometimes it just appears that way when most don't know how to deal with or dodge a new character's attacks, but most of it boils down to a lack of public testing limiting the feedback the developers have when fleshing out their skills.

In terms of Espeon, however, the playerbase seems split. A tweet from Pokémon Unite content creator and ex-MOBA professional CrisHeroes suggests that Espeon is grossly underpowered. Though some agree in the comments that it lacks damage and durability, others admit that the right combo is shredding opponents and mobs alike.

It's too early to say who is right or wrong - these things take time - but given Espeon can be had for free through event participation, the divisive thoughts are perhaps the best-case scenario.

The best Pokémon Unite Espeon build is in.
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The Best Pokémon Unite Espeon Build Options

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Swift
Buddy barrierLv. 3: Growl
Choice SpecsLv. 4: Psyshock
Wise GlassesLv. 6: Future Sight

With Espeon now in the hands of some players, it's time to start etching out the best Espeon build in Pokémon Unite. Things are likely to change as more people get free access to the character, but for now, here's what we've found.

Right now, you'll get the most damage out of Espeon with a fairly simple build consisting of Buddy Barrier, Choice Specs, and Wise Glasses. You might feel silly wearing two pairs of frames, but Espeon doesn't. Let it be.

It's a simple enough build with a moveset that echoes that of Gardevoir earlier in the game's launch.

Once you've unlocked the full set, it's a matter of dropping Future Sight on your target, using the auto-lock-on to fire off Psyshock to reduce its cooldown (and locking them in the space of Future Sight as well), and following up with the second Future Sight that should just about come off cooldown during the fray.

Espeon has a decent way to keep an opponent from getting up in its business, but it'll struggle to retreat from any additional threats. Even a melee that has closed in can be hard to shake with Espeon's limited mobility boosts, making Eject Button almost mandatory. It's an incredibly fragile Pokémon, making proper ranged play the way to go.

When Does Espeon Evolve In Pokémon Unite?

As with Sylveon, if you pick Espeon in a Pokémon Unite battle, you'll unsurprisingly start off with an Eevee. Rather than needing to meet any convoluted evolution requirements, however, you just need to hit level four.

That should be possible within the first few minutes of a match, so you'll have plenty of time to harness Espeon's powers.

What Is the Best Espeon Counter in Pokémon Unite?

Espeon really lacks mobility, making any fast Speedster or All-Rounder a great way to counter it. With a surprise gank, at least. Espeon can stop single attackers in their tracks and slow groups down, but it's easily overwhelmed if one slips through. It has zero mobility boosts of its own, making even some Defenders like Snorlax with powerful lunge attacks a great way to deal with it.

You can get Espeon for free in Pokémon Unite by clearing event missions over nine days.
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How Long Does it Take to Unlock Espeon in Pokémon Unite?

Espeon dropped on May 16, 2022. It's the game's first Pokémon to drop with no F2P unlock option, meaning you can't use Aeos Tickets earned through play to buy it - only Aeos Gems will do for now.

For a month, though, you'll have the opportunity to unlock Espeon for free through the Pokébuki event. Accessed via the Event screen in game, you need to collect 2000 Mission Points before the timer runs out. If you clear every mission, this takes around nine days to manage.

That's it for our best Espeon build for Pokémon Unite! Be sure to check back once the new Pokémon arrives in the game for build guides, movesets, and even more. In the meantime, check out our Pokémon Unite tier list to see our ranking of the fighters in the game.

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