Pokémon Unite Players Encounter Game-Breaking Crustle Bug

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Crustle is somewhat of an underused and underused monster in Pokémon Unite, despite the fact that it ranks top of our best Pokémon Unite defenders list and in S-Tier on our overall Pokémon Unite tier list. Full disclosure, I’m a Crustle main, so it’s safe to say I’m a big fan.

Crustle also got a very healthy buff in today’s Pokémon Unite patch notes, so while many players relied on Shell Smash before, Rock Tomb and Stealth Rock are now a much more viable option. However, along with the buffs, a major bug has also arrived.


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Pokémon Unite Players Notice A Gamebreaking Crustle Bug

The bug in question means that if you use Crustle’s Unite Move, Rubble Rouser, but cancel it before it takes effect, its area of effect damage can continue for the whole game. 

Streamer ‘aDrive’ encountered this bug while live on Twitch after Crustle’s buffs had taken effect. It’s unknown whether the other elements of the ult (i.e. the buffs and shield) were also in effect for the duration of the match.


aDrive says in a tweet that the issue impacted his Crustle for the entire match after cancelling his Unite move once. “The rock damage from his ult remained throughout the entire match and was doing chip damage on wild pokemon [sic] and enemies.”

Hopefully this bug will be fixed shortly, and TiMi will notify us in the next set of patch notes. When Gengar was bugged, the company even put a notice when you logged into the game which might happen again.

In the meantime, Blissey has entered the game strong, and is already rising to the top of our best Pokémon Unite Supports list, if you were looking for an alternative to Crustle while its bug is fixed.