How to Transfer Pokémon Snap Photos to PC and Phone

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Pokémon Snap is all about pictures - taking photos, setting them up just right, getting the perfect picture opportunity and even sharing them with friends. But if you want to keep them longer than that, you might want to know how to transfer Pokémon Snap photos to your PC and phone. We'll cover how to do just that in our guide below!

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How to Transfer Pokémon Snap Photos to PC and Phone

From the details we’ve been given so far, copying Pokémon Snap photos to your computer and cell/mobile phone will be the same as when you do it for any other screenshot on the Nintendo Switch. The full details of how that can be done are found at this page here, and it’s a common trend in games at the moment to display a UI-free version of images taken with in-game photo modes, so as to give the opportunity for a clean screenshot. However, this is largely speculative, based on the previous game and current trends. If there’s more nuances to the final product, we’ll be sure to update this guide to reflect that on release!


How to Print Pokémon Snap Photos and Pictures

Those who transfer their pictures to PC will be able to print them if they have a printer hooked up, of course, but there is also an upcoming specialised printer from Fujifilm to mirror the original Blockbuster printing kiosks that were made with the original game. Don’t worry, the upcoming Fujfilm Instax Minilink is a handheld model (one designed to look like a certain electric mouse), so you won’t need to drag a whole kiosk with you. The official page for it is here, and keep in mind it works with all Switch games!

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