New Pokémon Snap: Manaphy Location and Puzzle Guide

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Manaphy is one of the lesser-known legendary Pokémon of the New Pokémon Snap, not helped by being very difficult to find. It’s hiding in one of the game’s later levels behind a strange puzzle, but we’ve laid out a basic guide on how to find Manaphy's location and get a great photo to put in your Photodex.

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Manaphy Location and Puzzle Guide in New Pokémon Snap


Manaphy’s location is found in the New Pokémon Snap game is in the Beach (Evening) level that doesn’t unlock until further into the game. If you still haven’t unlocked it yet, we’ve a guide on how to do that here. Otherwise, you can do this method until you’ve completed the game.

Once you’ve unlocked that area, you’ll need to complete a strange, but basic puzzle in order to find the spritely Manaphy. We’ve laid out the basics below.

Manaphy’s Location

  • Head to the Beach (Evening) at Research Level 2.
  • Near the end of the level there’ll be an alternate path that heads towards multiple Lapras with a sunset behind them. Take it.
  • Hit all four Lapras with Illumina Orbs as soon as possible (one of them’s further to the right and may not immediately be noticeable). You might need to arc these throws a little bit for the further Pokémon.
  • Once all have been hit, play the Melody on the Neo-One. Two Lapras will be close and facing each other, as though singing a duet. Manaphy will jump up out of the water right between them.
  • At this point Manaphy will swim about on the water, giving ample time for photographs.

Manaphy Four Star Photos

At this point Manaphy will start swimming about, but that doesn’t make for a four-star photograph. To do that, you need to hit it with an Illumina Orb, then trigger a melody while it’s in the Illumina mode, similar to the Lapras. When both of these things trigger at once, Manaphy will dance and jump out of the water. You need to get that picture while it’s jumping for a shot rated four stars.

There’s plenty more to find in Pokémon Snap besides this little blue sea pixie. See all the other legendary Pokémon and how to snap them here, or check out how to uncover the mythical Lugia at our guide here!