New Pokémon Snap Is Getting DLC Areas

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New Pokémon Snap launched earlier this year, but the game will get some fresh new DLC according to a new trailer.

The update will introduce a trio of new areas, along with new critters to take photos of.


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New Pokémon Snap Is Getting DLC Areas

Check out the new trailer below:


The free update will arrive on August 3rd, and will introduce a new Florio Island Nature Park location, complete with day and night versions.

The other new locations include Canyon and River stages, each with day and night versions.

Of course, there will be more Pokemon to snap, and legendary Pokemon Mew takes centre-stage in the trailer above.

Onix, Psyduck, Metapod and plenty more can be seen in their natural habitats, as well as a particularly springy Gyarados, while players can also shrink down to explore the game's world from a new angle.

Is this enough to get you to jump back into the game? Or are you all snapped out?

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By stripping the Pokémon of anything that feels organic, Nintendo has effectively made its critters feel like wind-up toys, removing the romanticism and mystique that should always come through witnessing raw, unbridled nature.
They took these untamed lands and tamed them before we even got there. Unfortunately, the resultant game is as exciting as you’d imagine.