Pokémon Quest Recipes - All Ingredients and How to Unlock Every Pokémon

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The four pots used in Pokémon Quest recipes.
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You're going to want to know every one of the 18 Pokémon Quest recipes if you're hoping to bring all 151 Pokémon into your expedition camp. Though it's a few years old now, this Nintendo Switch and mobile-compatible spin-off to the long-running franchise still has its fans. And whether you're coming in fresh or returning after a lengthy break, it's never too late to learn.

Pokémon Quest recipes aren't essential to your progress. They'll certainly help speed up your sprint across its mysteriously cubic island, but you can manage just fine by tossing any old ingredients into the pot and making do with your random results. For perfectionists and collectors, though, read on.


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Pokémon Quest recipes attract Pokémon of specific types or colours.

What Are Pokémon Quest Recipes?

Before we blow your mind with a complete list of Pokémon Quest recipes, it's important to go over what they actually are.

Pokémon Quest recipes are precise lists of ingredients that, when combined, produce a set 'meal'. Each of the 18 meal possibilities has a chance to lure a particular type of Pokémon to your camp, adding them to your roster. As such, stocking up on specific ingredients and mixing them as per the Pokémon Quest recipes list can boost your chances of adding a certain Pokémon to your team.

All Pokémon Quest Recipes

Meal Recipe Lure Effect Key Ingredients
Mulligan StewAny ingredientsCommon PokémonAny
Red StewMostly red ingredientsReddish PokémonBig Root, Tiny Mushroom
Blue SodaMostly blue ingredientsBlueish PokémonBluk Berry, Icy Rock
Yellow CurryMostly yellow ingredientsYellowish PokémonApricorn, Honey
Gray PorridgeMostly Gray ingredientsGrayish PokémonFossil, Balm Mushroom
Mouth-Watering DipMostly soft ingredients and then lots of blue ingredients Water-type PokémonBluk Berry, Honey, Balm Mushroom, Big Root, Tiny Mushroom, Icy Rock
Plain CrepeLots of sweet ingredients and a few gray ingredientsNormal-type PokémonBluk Berry, Apricorn, Balm Mushroom, Fossil
Sludge SoupMostly mushrooms and then lots of soft ingredientsPoison-type PokémonTiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Honey, Bluck Berry, Big Root
Mud PieA few minerals and then lots of soft ingredientsGround-type PokémonFossil, Balm Mushroom, Honey, Bluk Berry, Big Room, Tiny Mushroom
Veggie SmoothieMostly plants and a few soft ingredientsGrass-type PokémonBig Root, Apricorn, Tiny Mushroom, Honey, Balm Mushroom
Honey NectarMostly sweet ingredients and then lots of yellow ingredientsBug-type PokémonHoney, Apricorn, Bluk Berry
Brain FoodLots of sweet ingredients and then a few hard ingredientsPsychic-type PokémonBluk Berry, Honey, Fossil, Apricorn, Icy Rock
Stone SoupMostly hard ingredients and a few mineralsRock-type PokémonFossil, Icy Rock, Apricorn
Light-as-Air CasseroleLots of minerals and a few plantsFlying-type PokémonFossil, Icy Rock, Apricorn, Big Root
Hot PotLots of mushrooms and a few red ingredientsFire-type PokémonTiny Mushroom, Big Root, Balm Mushroom
Watt a RisottoMostly soft ingredients and lots of yellowElectric-type PokémonHoney, Bluk Berry, Big Root, Apricorn Tiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom
Get Swole SyrupLots of sweet ingredients and then a few mushroomsFighting-type PokémonHoney, Bluk Berry, Balm Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom
Ambrosia of LegendsMystical ingredientsLegendary PokémonMystical Shell

Pokémon Quest recipes ask for many types of things, specifically balanced, and even in a particular order. You're given a good clue as to what's needed on each of the Pokémon Quest recipe cards, but as you can only see these after unlocking them by accidentally making them, following the recipe table above can help.

The Pokémon Quest recipes screen.

How Do I Use Pokémon Quest Recipes?

To make Pokémon Quest recipes, you need access to one of the four Cooking Pots you can place in your camp. On this screen, you'll be able to toss ingredients in your inventory into the pot. Then, once you complete enough quests, the dish will finish and lure a compatible Pokémon to the camp.

The Pokémon's level depends on the size of the pot you use, which you can swap out using the button in the bottom-left of the cookie screen. Bigger pots unlock as you progress through the game and require more ingredients to cook the same Pokémon Quest recipes as a result.

We've included viable ingredients for each recipe in the final column, and as they're even listed in the general order of importance, you should be able to follow along with ease. Just take note of how the recipe calls for the ingredients to be distributed and select the appropriate ones from your inventory on the cooking screen.

Here's a breakdown of how the recipe requests work:

  • Amount = the general ratio of the required ingredients
    • Whole lot = The pot should be around 80% of ingredients of that type
    • A lot = The pot should be around 60% of the ingredients of that type
    • A few = The pot should be <60% of ingredients of that type
  • Soft/Hard = The texture of the ingredient (typically mentioned in the description)
  • Soft = Tiny Mushroom, Big Root, Bluk Berry, Honey, Balm Mushroom
  • Hard = Fossil, Apricorn, Icy Rock
  • Type = the classification of the ingredient
    • Mushroom = Tiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom
    • Plant = Big Root, Apricorn
    • Sweet = Honey, Bluk Berry
    • Mineral = Fossil, Icy Rock
  • Colour = The colour of the ingredient
    • Red = Tiny Mushroom, Big Root
    • Blue = Bluk Berry, Icy Rock
    • Yellow = Apricorn, Honey
    • Gray = Fossil, Balm Mushroom

While most ingredients used in Pokémon Quest recipes fit into specific classifications, the Rainbow Matter does it all. Though far more difficult to come by, Rainbow Matter can substitute any other ingredient in the dish. So if one of the Pokémon Quest recipes calls for a whole lot of one particular type of ingredient, you can use the Rainbow Matter to tip you over that requirement if you don't have enough of the dedicated ingredient.

Certain camp decorations can help you get ingredients for Pokémon Quest recipes.

How Can I Get More Ingredients for Pokémon Quest Recipes?

If you're looking for a very specific Pokémon, you'll probably need to make one of the Pokémon Quest recipes more than once. And if you're trying for a high-level Pokémon, you'll need a lot of ingredients to fill the cooking pots.


To speed up the process of farming ingredients, you can use tickets to buy camp furniture that increases the amount of a specific ingredient you can obtain at the end of any given mission. For instance, you can buy the Blastoise Fountain to double your yield of blue ingredients like the Bluk Berry and Icy Rock.

And that's your lot on Pokémon Quest recipes. By ensuring you follow along with their requirements, you'll be able to make top-notch Pokémon Quest grub capable of luring god-tier Pokémon to your cubic ranch.