14 May 2021 6:00 PM +00:00

Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Any New Pokemon?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting a lot of hype for being the first open-world Pokemon game and it looks like a departure from previous installments, though battling and catching Pokemon is still the name of the game.

Fans already know that it’s set in the distant past when there was no Pokedex, though there is a lot of Pokemon from different generations, but this has led to fans asking what they always ask when a new game in the series is released; will there be any new Pokemon?

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Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Any New Pokemon?

Considering how this is a huge step for the Pokemon franchise, it wouldn’t be impossible to see some new Pokemon created for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, since that’s an easy way to make good money from fans.

However, the lack of any new Pokemon from the first Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer does have us thinking that most of the new things will come from the gameplay, while Pokemon will only be various monsters from the previous games.

That being said, new Pokemon is easy money so we wouldn’t be surprised if Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a couple of new ones, some of which will probably be legendary.

If brand-new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we’re sure that The Pokemon Company will announce them in advance so gamers can get hyped and pre-order the game.

Will we get some new Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Probably, there’s too much money to be made if we’re being honest, so expect a huge news story whenever that comes out.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.