The Best Moveset For The Pokemon GO Bidoof Cup

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The Bidoof Cup is in Pokemon GO for a day only as the Bidoof Day event goes live in the game.

For nearly a week, the Bidoof Breakout event has been going on in Pokemon GO. Bidoof has been appearing everywhere in the wild and catch XP is boosted by four times. The whole theme is essentially just Bidoof.


That theme brought four new moves to Pokemon GO for Bidoof, all of which could be found on a Bidoof throughout the event. With Bidoof Day now live, there is Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Superpower charge moves. They all can have an effect on the Cup itself.

Best Pokemon GO Bidoof Cup selections

In the Bidoof Cup, which will run on July 1 during the full-day event, players can only select Bidoof. That means three Bidoof selections with any moves desired. In this case though, there are two major options that players want to focus on.

No matter which Bidoof players have, the Fast Attack should be Tackle, which is a Normal-type attack. For one of the Charge Attacks, Crunch will be the best option and a direct counter to any Bidoof. On a normal Bidoof, the second Charge Attack should be Super Power.


Shadow Bidoof is technically stronger and will likely dominate the Cup, especially since Team GO Rocket grunts will have them throughout the day. The only difference in moves will be Frustration. Players should sacrifice Super Power in this case. In the long run, the Shadow Bidoof will easily melt normal versions, especially if it has three stars.