Pokemon GO Tapu Lele weakness and best counters

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Image of Tapu Lele from the Pokémon anime
February 7, 2023: Tapu Lele is back in Pokémon GO raids tomorrow! Check out its weaknesses and counters below.

While this Alolan legendary Pokémon isn't in the game yet, our Pokémon GO Tapu Lele weakness guide will give you some help in defeating the upcoming five-star raid encounter. You'll need tips to nail the tough battle, and we're here to provide that advice.

In this Pokémon GO Tapu Lele weakness guide, we'll explore the types that go best against the dual Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon. Beyond that, we'll look at the best team members to try to recruit, as well as a brief glance at Tapu Lele's moveset, so you can be ready for the battle when it eventually arrives in the game.

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What's the best Pokémon GO Tapu Lele weakness?

You'll want to go for Ghost-, Poison-, or Steel-type Pokémon if you want any chance of exploiting any Tapu Lele weakness. As the target Pokémon is a dual Fairy/Psychic-type, these are the Pokémon that'll provide super effective damage during raids.

Sadly, its typing means there's no 4x Tapu Lele weakness. That means you'll probably need more than few people to defeat this raid within the time limit.

The Pokémon GO Tapu Lele weakness calls for creatures like Chandelure for maximum damage.
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Pokémon GO Tapu Lele - Best Pokémon counters

Pokémon Fast move Charged move
GengarLickShadow Ball
ChandelureHexShadow Ball
MetagrossBullet PunchMeteor Mash
DragapultHexShadow Ball
Giratina (Origin)Shadow ClawShadow Ball
ExcadrillMetal ClawIron Head
DialgaMetal ClawIron Head

Use the table above to see which Pokémon will provide the most effective counters to Tapu Lele, as well as some moves we recommend for doing the most damage. We've sprinkled in Pokémon from the three main super-effective types: Ghost, Poison, and Steel. They're all Pokémon that can hit some impressive CP levels, so try and fit these into your team to make the raid battle nice and easy.

Can Tapu Lele be shiny in Pokémon GO?

At the moment, it doesn't seem like a shiny Tapu Lele will be arriving in Pokémon GO any time soon. Given the current Tapu legendary, Tapu Koko, is currently in raid rotation without a shiny, expect the same to happen for this variant. It'll come. Just not any time soon.

How many people does it take to beat Tapu Lele in Pokémon GO?

In most cases, it shouldn't take more than three or four decent trainers to take on Tapu Lele. It's not the strongest or toughest raid boss out there, and with plenty of top-tier counters already used in other similar raid battles, most serious players should already have a squad worthy of taking it on.

What's the max CP of Tapu Lele in Pokémon GO?

Minimum CP Maximum CP Weather Boost?
23902496Yes (Windy/Cloudy)

Tapu Lele is boosted under Windy and Cloudy conditions, raising its raid level from 20 to 25. While that may save you a lot of candy and stardust if you decide to level up your catch, it will make the fight quite a bit harder. If you're looking for a max IV Tapu Lele, you'll want to watch for 1996 CP with no weather boost, or 2496 with a weather boost.

What moves does Tapu Lele use in Pokémon GO?

Fast Moves Charged Moves
Confusion, AstonishFuture Sight, Psyshock, Moonblast, Focus Blast

The Tapu Lele moveset gives it access to Psychic, Ghost, Fairy, and even a Fighting-type moves. Steel-type counters will suffer against Focus Blast, but they should be bulky enough to avoid any serious damage.

That's it for our Pokémon GO Tapu Lele weakness and counter guide! With this knowledge, you'll make light work of the raid once it lands in the game later this year. In the meantime, brush up on everything we know about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex after its release.

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