Pokemon GO Tepig Community Day: Everything Players Need To Know

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The next Pokemon GO Community Day has been announced, and the featured Pokemon is set to be Tepig, the Generation V Fire-type starter.

Tepig gets its own Community Day just a couple of months after Snivy appeared in one, which is the Grass-type counterpart. Like the Snivy day, Tepig will have all of the typical features such as a ticket and the chance for new moves.

Players can expect the Tepig Community Day to start in Pokemon GO on July 3, 2021. The fun begins at 11 am local time and ends at 5 pm local time. During that window, Tepig will be spawning all over the wild in droves. Catching a shiny Tepig will also be possible, which is one of the highlights of a Pokemon GO Community Day.

Tepig Community Day tickets and exclusive moves in Pokemon GO

On every Community Day, there is always a ticket that players can purchase for 1 USD. The same applies to Tepig, and the event ticket will be called the Roasted Berries Special Research story. Typically, the tickets give players far more objectives, and the chance to get at least a couple of full evolutions.

Anyone participating in the event, ticket or not, can still access almost all of the bonuses. One of those is the chance to get the Blast Burn Charge Attack on an Emboar. To do so, players simply need to evolve a Pignite during the event.

While the Tepig event is live, there will also be bonuses like 3-hour long incense items and 3x Stardust catch bonuses. Mark July 3rd on the calendar and have some Pokeballs prepared.

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