Pokemon GO Sylveon: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Sylveon Any Good?

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Sylveon arrives this week in Pokemon GO during part two of Luminous Legends Y, and players can finally begin using the Eeveelution for themselves.

Pokemon GO players have been anticipating Sylveon to debut for nearly two months, and that wait is finally coming to fruition. Sylveon is the last Eeveelution that many players will need to complete their Eeveelution collection, and the Fairy-type Pokemon is sure to make a mark in PVP battles.

When choosing a fast attack for Sylveon, the best choice is Charm by far. In Pokemon GO PVP battles, Charm is an incredibly strong fast attack that can tear through Dragon-types, and still damage neutral types a fair amount. Other options for Sylveon don't cut it.

As for the Charge Attack, players should prioritize Dazzling Gleam. The second best Fairy-type option is Moonblast, but it's simply not as effective as Dazzling Gleam, which works better for the energy per second spent.

If players have enough candy for a second Charge Attack, then Last Resort is a great selection. It's a Normal-type move that can deal significant damage or burn shields. However, it may need an Elite Charge TM after the initial Sylveon debut.

Is Sylveon a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Though the debut has just begun, Sylveon should be able to make a fairly large impact once it's in PVP battles. Fairy-types are always strong picks, and Sylveon should be an effective option in the Great or the Ultra League.

Sylveon is also an economic Fairy-type option for players that don't have a Togekiss or a similar pick. It's easy to evolve and has some decent base stats that players can build a team around.

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