Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Finneon Be Shiny?

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Finneon is the last Pokemon to be featured in the Pokemon GO spotlight for the month of April, and the spotlight hour will go live on April 27.

Players in Pokemon GO can expect to see the spotlight hour go live at 6:00 pm local time, the same as any other week in Pokemon GO. During that hour, Finneon will appear all over the place on the map. That includes the wild and when players use lures or incense items.

In many of the spotlight hours, the featured Pokemon will have a shiny form. The past few weeks have featured Kanto region Pokemon, which all have a shiny form as of 2021. Unfortunately, Finneon does not have a shiny form and any Pokemon GO players hunting for shiny Pokemon will be disappointed by this week.

However, that doesn't mean the Finneon spotlight hour in Pokemon GO is a complete waste without the shiny. There are still bonuses to bring all players into the fold.

Finneon spotlight hour in Pokemon GO and the weekly bonus

Every week, there is an additional hour-long bonus that accompanies the featured spotlight Pokemon. This week, the bonus is double the XP for catching any Pokemon. Considering Finneon will be appearing in droves, it's a great time to use a Lucky Egg and farm as much XP as possible.

Many players in Pokemon GO may also still need a Lumineon. In that case, the spotlight hour is the perfect time to catch as many Finneons as possible. When players have 50 Finneon candy in total, they can evolve it into a Lumineon.

Players may want to wait to evolve the Finneon until the spotlight ends at 7:00 pm local time though. That way, there is a higher chance to evolve a three-star Finneon into a Lumineon.

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