Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Cottonee Be Shiny?

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It's a new month for Pokemon GO, and Cottonee will be the first spotlight featured Pokemon for the month of May.

One of the biggest themes in Pokemon for the next couple of weeks will be Fairy-type Pokemon, so it's no surprise that Cottonee was selected for the May 4 spotlight hour. As always, the spotlight hour in Pokemon GO will take place from 6 pm local time to 7 pm local time.

During that hour, players will encounter Cottonee all over the wild and from any items such as Pokestop lures and incense. For any players that don't yet have an evolved Cottonee, the spotlight hour will be a perfect time. It takes 50 candy overall in order to evolve a Cottonee into a Whimsicott. Both Pokemon are dual-type Grass and Fairy in Pokemon GO.

Aside from getting a new evolution, or a three-star version of a Pokemon, shiny forms are always a draw for the spotlight hour. Unfortunately, Cottonee does not have a shiny form in Pokemon GO, and it won't be available during the spotlight. Perhaps in the future, a Cottonee shiny form will be released in the game.


Cottonee spotlight hour in Pokemon GO and the weekly bonus

On top of the weekly featured Pokemon for the spotlight, there is also always a weekly bonus. During the hour-long spotlight, twice the amount of candy can be earned for catching any Pokemon. However, it will naturally be harder to get candy for other Pokemon during the hour.

With the start of the Luminous Legends X event as well, players are tasked as a community to catch 500 million Fairy-type Pokemon. A Cottonee spotlight hour in Pokemon GO is a great start to that.