Pokemon GO Shiny Zarude Guide: How To Catch Shiny Zarude Secrets of the Jungle Pokemon

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Are you just as interested in the Secrets of the Jungle movie as we are?

Zarude will be one of the Pokemon staring in said movie, might we see them come to Pokemon GO?


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Shiny Zarude Guide

Niantic recently announced they will be celebrating the new movie with a Pokemon GO collaboration.

This will be happening on December 14th.


Pokemon in the film will be appearing more frequently.

There isn't too much information on the event yet but we have a feeling we may see some new faces.

Where To Find Shiny Zarude

Zarude hasn't been confirmed as coming to Pokemon GO yet but we think it's likely they might.


If they do we'll probably be able to find them in Raids and only Raids.

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